The Convenience of Using a Pilates Video

Ever since Joseph Pilates first introduced this low resistance body exercise, various Pilates videos have made their way onto the market. Because these videos make doing Pilates so convenient, these videos have generated a lot of sales.


To begin with, using a Pilates Video gives you convenience like no other. Going to the gym may be too tiring and troublesome given the fact that you have to share space and equipment with other people in the gym. If you have a DVD and a television, however, then you are good to have your own Pilates session and exercise in your own home. On the other hand, Pilates videos do not provide you with a personal instructor, who can criticize or compliment what you are doing wrong or right. You will be limited with the tips and information that the Pilates video will provide. With a real instructor, you are given the chance to ask questions and get personal instruction. For this reason, learning Pilates by video might not be a good idea for beginners.

In case you really prefer to do Pilates exercise at home, then one good way to do it is to attend Pilates classes for a while. Then after learning the basics and you think you can go on your own, buy a video and do your exercises at home.

Among others, Winsor Pilates has video that will guide you through a Pilates workout. It is modified by a lovely lady named Mari Winsor. The program guarantees to give result after a month of continuous three times a week practice. However, some who have tried the Winsor Pilates claim that just after two weeks of use, they have seen incredible changes in their body and figure.

Many individuals like Winsor Pilates because it allows them to do the exercises in their homes as well. Some people, even when exercising at home, have little spare time to do workouts. Amazingly though, others say that even they do not manage to do the body exercise continuously or as often as recommended, they still find themselves with a firmer and healthier core.

In addition to that, you will be given the opportunity to memorize the routines as you continuously watch and use the video. When you have done this, you will find it very easy to do even without looking closely at the television. This allows you to save a great deal of money given the fact that you do not have to pay monthly expenses on gym fees and instructors.

Pilates videos are recommended to people of all abilities. Most of these videos contain low intensity exercises so that no one will find it too difficult to do them. It is not strenuous to do that is why maybe many enjoy it as well. This can be used, also for physical rehabilitation. If you want to bulk up muscles, however, then you should try other workout exercises instead of Pilates.


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